Hip Hop Is Green (HHIG) and Plant Based Food Share (PBFS) is a joint venture seeking to eliminate food insecurity and improve the health and well-being of the diverse and underserved communities impacted by hardships due to COVID-19, poverty, and dietary racism. We provide access to culturally relevant, sustainable, healthy plant-based food and education, while supporting local farmers and businesses.
We serve low income underserved urban communities who live in food deserts and includes: African American, Latinx, BlPOC children, families, elders and domestic violence victims. We provide food boxes with organic produce, pantry essentials and fresh baked goods, and culturally relevant, prepared meals.

We do this work as a way to heal our communities, to inspire community and to encourage healthy lifestyles for those that are underserved and have historically been unable to grow their own food or access healthy foods, to combat food deserts, to help improve the overall health of these communities who historically have had the highest rates of high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and many other illnesses that are directly affected by the foods we eat, stress, and lack of education about health and wellness.

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