The Hip Hop Green Dinner was a night filled with helpful information and great cruelty free food. I was already on the way to veganism when I attended, however my compassion grew when I heard the vegan message presented through song and poetry. Now I know the power of the consumer voice and a plant-based diet for life and longevity.
The diversity in the room was bananas and the event, aimed at youth, was a glimpse of what every movement that will sustain must be -- consisting of several generations. You had the young and the older and the elder. It was dynamic. The evening was already a win with the Field Roast burger and their new Vegan Chao Cheese slices but when the beat dropped and some of the children joined DJ Cavem on the stage to rock out to his Mango Remix with mango, kale, and cayenne pepper in hand, all of us in the room just about lost it!
When I think of Hip Hop and Food, I think healthy spirits, minds, bodies and happy energy shared amongst many different communities of folks that are vibing and enjoying one another! Pursuit of a Green Planet and Hip Hop is Green Dinners is a hidden gem and my experience with Keith and all the volunteers has enriched my spirit in every way imaginable, first, to see so many interested in veganism, healthy love flowing and inspirational life changing hiphop was completely inspirational!
My experience with the hip hop green dinner was refreshing and inspiring. By participating in the green dinner, I personally was able to reflect on my life style and my relationship with food as a young person. Keith and others with healthy life style has inspired me to make conscious decisions as to what I put in my body. Besides the delicious green foods we made, it was so much fun to see the performance by talented artists and green chefs. Seeing how hip hop music and green life style come hand in hand is amazing.