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There is so much amazing BIPOC-led urban farming and gardening going on around the country, including in Seattle, the focus of this in-depth article.

Great to see a profile of Keith Tucker and his organization Hip Hop is Green, which, in addition to all of the wonderful work they already do, has been giving away 150 boxes of fresh produce with Plant Based Food Share Seattle every week to those in need during the pandemic.

"In the '70s, when Keith Tucker was growing up in the Central District, almost every home had a garden. He and his friends pulled pears and plums from trees throughout the neighborhood; his grandmother won an award from the mayor for best garden. 'To be able to be self-sufficient and grow your own food just comes from our culture,' says Tucker, an entrepreneur who focuses on healthy lifestyles.

Tucker started Hip Hop is Green in 2009 as a multicity organization dedicated to teaching nutrition, fitness and animal rights. Two years ago, he decided to focus on growing food: He converted one of his family's lots in the Central District into Cherry Street Farm, a small urban farm where he could help get young people's hands in the dirt. His grandfather, expecting the Central District to increase in value, had purchased multiple properties on the corner abutting the farm decades ago.

'There's a lot of things that Black people and Indigenous people and people of color don't have control over, but being able to grow your own food is something that we can control'... Tucker says he took a lot of the value of urban gardening for granted when he was growing up. But as an adult, he realized that gardening activism is timely for BIPOC communities seeking control and agency in a world that would remove those liberties."

He adds:

"Black people and people of color are adversely affected by the pandemic,"'especially because those communities have been "the dumping ground for every bad type of food you could put in your body. For us to be still thriving, and all of that stuff, is just a miracle under all the pressure and stress and food insecurity, education insecurity, job insecurity, systemic racism, redlining — everything that you can throw at a person, we've been dealing with for decades."

Hip Hop is Green eXpo Cancelled due to the COVID-1...


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Tuesday, 06 December 2022

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