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There is so much amazing BIPOC-led urban farming and gardening going on around the country, including in Seattle, the focus of this in-depth article. Great to see a profile of Keith Tucker and his organization Hip Hop is Green, which, in addition to all of the wonderful work they already do, has been giving away 150 boxes of fresh produce with Plan...
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Hip Hop is Green eXpo Cancelled due to the COVID-19 corona virus

 Contact: Keith Tucker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 323-362-6545 Seattle, Washington, March 3rd , 2020: Today, Hip Hop is Green (HHIG) founder, Keith Tucker,announces the rescheduling of the upcoming Hip Hop is Green eXpo that was scheduled for March6th due to the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus. Keith Tucker stated that "The safety of all ou...
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The fastest-growing vegan demographic is African Americans

In 2009, Tucker held his first Hip Hop Is Green dinner, assembling hip-hop artist and educators with the goal of bringing health and wellness to youths and families...   Black and vegan: Hip hop has led the way to a plant-based diet - The Washington Post Despite the rise of plant-based meat and “Veganuary," only 3 percent of Americans are vega...
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Beats, Rhymes, and Vegan: The Hip-Hop Activists Are out to Save Black Lives

Beats, Rhymes, and Vegan: The Hip-Hop Activists Are out to Save Black Lives | TakePart All that East Coast versus West Coast beef could be squashed over veggie burgers.

The Funny Vegan

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New York Announces Meatless Monday and NYC Hip Hop is Green plays a role

Fred (Doc) Beasley, Founder & Chapter Leader of NYC HIPHOP IS GREEN. "Introducing New York City's youth to the numerous benefits of plant based living creates a smorgasbord of positive side effects that directly impacts the health and wellness of all sentient beings as well as that of Mother Earth." Mayor de Blasio Announces Citywide Meatless M...
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The Independent

 Hip Hop is Green Press. Is the future of food 'reducetarian'? | The Independent “I don’t want to talk about food justice anymore, I want to do food justice. After we leave here, what are we going to do? We’ve had a talk about food injustice, we’ve ticked the box of diversity, but now what? Let’s do what we’re talking about.” Keith Tucker, the...
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Black Vegans Step Out - New York Times Article

And in April, several vegan-friendly performers gathered at the Schomburg Center in Harlem to formally introduce health and wellness as "the 10th element of hip-hop." Produced by Keith Tucker Black Vegans Step Out, for Their Health and Other Causes - The New York Times