Cherry Street Urban Farm Project

Our Teaching Farm (Cherry StreetFarm) is located on 19th and E. Cherry Street an area that was predominately black and has been extensively gentrified going from 75% black population to 14 percent.  The farm is owned by HHIG and is a community hub that brings together youth interns, volunteers and the community to build a farm under the mentorship of master black farmers.  The youth and community will be involved in redesigning the garden, plant selection, propagating plants, prepping the land, healthy soils v. contaminated soil, composting, gardening techniques, building raised beds, and maintenance including watering and weeding and harvesting.  Two special projects will be undertaken by volunteers: building a greenhouse and a clay and stone pizza oven.  We will grow food during all four seasons. The farm will be a resource that will provide food and teach people gardening and farming skills that they can incorporate into their lives. The program provides experiential STEM/STEAM learning through urban farming activities.  Our vision is to sustain our urban farm and create a food-secure community and eventually have the community create more gardens/urban farms, sidewalk gardens and also continue our work with public schools on school gardens that use their own produce in their food program.

We also raise fresh organic produce from our urban farm for people in need that is distributed via delivery boxes and donations to local food banks and provide prepared meals for populations without access to kitchens. Fresh produce provides high nutrient food that supports health and wellness and is crucial to food security and preventing chronic diseases that plague our communities such as diabetes which also makes our community more vulnerable to serious complications from COVID-19.