These are the Six Pillars of our 10th Element of Hip Hop health & wellness program that we will spread around the world through our chapters.

Hip Hop is Green added the 10th Element of hip hop, which is Health & Wellness - the practice of wellbeing, and self-discovery while living in balance with ourselves and the planet. People in Hip Hop who embrace the 10th Element are on a mission to achieve and promote holistic health through the Six Pillars, which are:


Plant Based Eating

We introduce youth and their parents to people and businesses that are either preparing plant-based food or are manufacturing, distributing, and selling organic products in their area. We teach the importance of plant-based eating for our health and for the environment. We share how to cook and prepare plant-based recipes; where food comes from; how it is processed, marketed and distributed into their community.


Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening is one of the six pillars of the 10th Element of Hip hop health & wellness Program. Coming soon we will share tips from our Hip Hop is Green team.Our goal is to get people excited about planting food and to get their hands in the dirt. We would like to educate them on all aspects of growing food in the various environments around the country. We will organize several trips to local farms and learn how to grow and maintain a urban farm. They will learn about water, soil, seeds, fruits and vegetables and much more.



Our fitness program is coming soon.

The goal is to get the community involved with fitness and knowledgeable about their body and how it works. Physical fitness is vital to all aspects of our health: mind and body.


Sobriety-Mental Health

We wish to promote sobriety in hip hop culture and plan on developing a program to reach out to those suffering from drugs and alcohol. We will have a licensed professional on the team as this is a serious medical situation that deals with the body and the mind. Our job right now is to be there for support and refer to licensed professionals in drug and alcohol treatment. We will share our personal journey with you and ways for you to get help.

Keith Tucker- Founder of Hip Hop is Green shares his personal story of addiction to sobriety

I started my addiction to alcohol and drugs many years ago when I was just 13 years old. I had no emotional issues I just did not know any better. I was just having fun with my so called friends. I started to enjoy getting high and it became a habit. This new habit started to dominate my life, that’s when it turned from recreational use to addiction. Once I was addicted to drugs and alcohol I could'nt  quit and that’s when I believe I developed the disease. The chemistry in my brain/dopamine kept me using everyday.

Years later and much abuse to myself I had enough so I went to a in-house treatment center - Seadrunar for over a year and a half. I learned about behavior modification and how to successfully deal with the disease. I got clean for a while but did relapse a few years later. But in 1992 I went to treatment again this time for only 30 days and I have been successfully clean and sober for over 27 years. I guess I was ready. Do I still have the disease? I tell people that I’m allergic to alcohol and drugs. I heard a psychiatrist who studied addiction say that if you start at a young age when your brain is still forming that most of these people form the disease.

Hip Hop, Rock N Roll, Jazz as well as Sports and the Entertainment Industry have been associated with many people using and eventually overdosing and dying from overuse. The media promotes it everyday so we have work to do to help people influenced by artists and entertainment companies that promote negative lifestyles.

If you are reading this and struggle with addiction listen to that inner voice and go get help at a treatment center, you can’t do it alone. To those people that are clean and sober and want to stay that way, what’s worked for me all these years is to remove drugs and alcohol from the list of things to do. When times are tough drugs and alcohol are NOT on the list. When it’s a celebration, NOT on my list of things to do anymore. So get yourself to the point where it’s not even an option in your mind anymore. One day at a time!!

Food Justice

Healthy food should be a right, not a privilege. Our goal is to educate and create policy changes in schools and communities. We create projects and organize meetings so that the community is well-informed about how food, corporations, and policymakers impact their overall health, and what they can do to protect themselves.


Animal Rights Activism

We want to encourage youth and families to care about animal rights. Gandhi once said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Factory farming exploits both animals and people; the realities are hidden from us so we are disconnected from their suffering.